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10:00-11:30 IF!WORKSHOP

Creative Works, Effectiveness Works, YouTube Works

Powered by YouTube

With Giacomo Zanni, Creative Lead, Google
How does a video on YouTube work? Why are some campaigns more effective than others? Is there a creative formula that can guide us in the realisation of our campaigns? This workshop is devoted to the fundamentals of YouTube to create effective campaigns that engage the user and achieve business results.

The second part of the workshop is devoted to discovering the various categories of YouTube Works, the award that recognises the best campaigns on YouTube.

(registration required)
12:00-13:30 IF!WORKSHOP


With Filippo Losito, writer, lecturer, expert in narrative structure and lateral thinking
Companies have always developed their own idea of the future. The future is a need and a central theme for human beings, especially in times of crisis. In this perspective, crisis at both an individual and collective level is an invitation to actively choose to open the doors to desired change. Crisis is at the heart of every story. The biological roots of storytelling enable us to understand how every act of communication is an act of fiction capable of producing a physical change in reality and in people. Here lies the counterfactual and transformative power of narrative. The construction of new narratives is a profound need for human beings and the most effective action that can be taken  to train the mind to aspire to and prefigure change. The workshop aims to use storytelling and its counterfactual power as a tool to generate new narratives of the future and help us understand how to anticipate events and rebuild, to achieve our desired scenarios in professional, strategic and personal contexts.

(registration required)
10:00AM -11:30AM IF!WORKSHOP

Strategia: ossigeno delle idee

Powered by UNA

With Valentina Bussolari, coordinator UNA Study Center
Creative effectiveness is under discussion. Planning is increasingly in the hands of machines. The sacrosanct attention to ROI intensified in the increasingly short term does not guarantee constant growth results for brands. A breath of fresh oxygen for more effective ideas can come from strategy. The workshop will illustrate the pillars of a strategic pathway and how the different output of a brand, media and digital strategy can connect to feed more effective and efficient creative development.


(registration required)
12:00 AM-1:30 PM IF!WORKSHOP

AR Spark Workshop

Powered by FACEBOOK

With Patricia Consonni, Creative Agency Partner, e Rob Meldrum, Creative Innovation Lead
A workshop dedicated to an in-depth analysis of AR & VR trends, associated with practical training on the use of Spark AR.

 It is recommended that you pre-download Spark AR on your computer to interactively join the session.

(partly in English)

(evento su iscrizione)
14.00-15.30 IF!WORKSHOP

Il Serif, il Brutal e il Corsivo: usare i caratteri nell’era del pop digitale

With Francesco Canovaro and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Type & Creative Directors, Zetafonts, with Francesco Guerrera, Chief Creative Officer Different and Advisor ADCI
In writing a message, the choice of typographic composition determines the expression of the communicative tone.

Just as verbal tone in conversation suggests intent, in visual communication, together with the type of copy, it is the typographic choice that intones the message and renders it effective. It allows you to best express the identity of a brand, the quality of a product or the concept of an event.

Serif, Brutal and Italics, with anecdotes and curiosities, will present numerous examples of the ways in which typography can be used to better inform and to communicate more precisely and effectively.

Participants will be provided with physical materials with which they will be guided in the creation of artwork on a specific theme.

(registration required)

10:00 AM -11:30 AM IF!WORKSHOP

Diversity Transformation: we dare you!

Powered by Google

With Vittoria Tenaglia, Industry Manager Google Italy and Gabriella Crafa, Business Executive
Diversity & Inclusion today offers the great opportunity to combine business and ethics in a consistent, strategic, and intersectional approach, which generates great value both within the organization and in go to market activities. For this to happen, it is necessary to accept the challenge and start a process of real transformation: a real diversity transformation.

Vittoria Tenaglia and Gabriella Crafa discuss it together through an excursus of - now essential - golden rules, interesting creative case studies that are already making a difference and of course, a great desire to hear from the public.


(registration required)

12:00-13:30 IF!WORKSHOP

How to write a game brief (and other one-of-a-kind activations)

Powered by Twitch

With Nicoletta Besio, Sales Director – Italy, and Ricardo Caetano, Brand Partnership Studio Lead EMEA
Twitch is the place to be. As the world’s leading interactive livestreaming service, there is a huge opportunity for brands on the platform. The audience understands how brands support the streamer ecosystem and are very receptive to authentic, entertaining content when brands get it right. Join Nicoletta Besio, Sales Director Italy and Ricardo Caetano, Brand Partnership Studio Lead EMEA as they deep-dive into Twitch’s unique service, the many different ways to work with Twitch to create iconic initiatives and how to put this all into practice in a brief. The workshop will provide best practices and creative process tips for creating community-driven partnerships and wonderful activations.


(registration required)
14.00-15.30 IF!WORKSHOP

Video raised the radio stars

Moderated by Giovanni Esposito, member of the board AIR3

With Pepsy Romanoff, Marco Salom, Stefano Poletti and Marco Mucig,  directors AIR3
Videoclips were born as a pure advertising form at the service of music (it still is), but over the years it has changed shape, first by “killing the radio stars” to create a real self-sufficient business model on social networks. They saved the record industry and revolutionized the concept of product placement to the point of contaminating viral content and fashion films. We are talking about the simple VIDEO CLIPS, which their pure and simple form have led to documentaries and mini series. We talk about it with some of the most active directors of the industry, with a reel that ranges from mainstream, to indie, from Liga to Sfera, from Vasco to Punkreas.


(registration required)

10:00 AM-11:30 AM IF!WORKSHOP

Intrattenimento e Brand Partnerships

With ​​Stefania Duico, Marketing Partnerships Director Italy&Greece

When a brand and a story find an organic meeting point, a brand partnership manifests itself in all its power. Through some cases, we will discover how creativity and authenticity are the basis of collaborations capable of placing brands and stories at the center of the cultural conversation.


(registration required)
12:00 AM -1:30 PM IF!WORKSHOP

What is Reality? Possibilities of the new technologies integration and production process

Powered by 1806 Agency

With Anrick Bregman, Director, Founder and Entrepreneur, Rodrigo Hurtago, Studio Co-Founder and XR Creative Director, Frankie Caradonna, Director, Alessandro Pancotti, Creative Producer and Production Consultant from 1806 Agency
A new world is about to be unveiled. What until now was thought to be relegated to the world of video games and nerds will become one of the many possible ways and worlds of expression and communication. 1806 Agency is ready for the new challenge and its constant research in innovation brings to the table 3 important representatives of the sector.

Anrick Bergman, Director and Founder of Studio ANRK (an award-winning production studio) moves through the basic question: what is reality? He will discuss the future of the metaverse as she sees it from a philosophical p.o.v. to talk about real applications for brands and industries. Then, Rodrigo Hurtado - Real-time XR Creative Director - and Founder of X-Cave - in remote connection with Director Frankie Caradonna, will illustrate the possibilities of new technologies (integrated with off-line technologies) in the construction of digital and metahuman worlds. They will highlight the differences between this and the standard manufacturing process. Using Unreal Engine they will show live how flexible and efficient this production process is. In the last part, the participants will be able to interact with Frankie and Rodrigo to discover possible solutions by experiencing the ease of this process. There will be a short Q&A with the 3 hosts.


(registration required
14.00-15.30 IF!WORKSHOP

Sync different: musica e comunicazione nel 2021

With Tiziano Lamberti, Founder and CEO

Powered by SOUNZONE
The evolution of the media and the declining time of content fruition have led the world of creativity to realize increasingly faster campaigns and publishing products. How do we choose the right soundtrack for a video in a short time and with a reduced budget available? How do we renounce the evocative value of a famous song in favor of a creative and inspirational choice? The challenge is important and not at all trivial. A journey through the strengths and weaknesses of music libraries, their growth and the legal aspects of their use
09:45-10:00 IF!HUB - IF!OPENING 2021

Opening of the 8th Edition of IF!

With Alessandra Lanza, IF! Organising Committee, Paola Marazzini, Director Agency and Strategic Partnerships of Google, Alessia Cappello, Economic Development and Labor Policies Advisor
10:00-10:30 IF!HUB - IF!LECTURE

Powered by Google

With Pedro Pina, Vice-President, Head of YouTube EMEA
10:00-10:30 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK

La moda dell’Islam

With Tasnim Ali, Digital Content Creator, and Marianna Ghirlanda, IF! Organising Committee
Tasnim Ali, a twenty-two-year-old Italian TikToker and student in political science, stands out for having shown her passion for the veil to more than 300,000 followers. Today she tells the story of Islam and its precepts with the same fresh and amusing approach that appeals so much to those who follow her and to the brands she works with.

#Social Media #Inclusivity #Inspiration
10:30 -11:00 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK


Powered by Publitalia

Moderated by Valentina Amenta, Deputy Creative Director Executive Caffeine

With Pietro Enrico, On Solutions Brand Director, Publitalia80 Mediaset Group, and Riccardo Calvi, Senior Director Company Communications Procter & Gamble Italy
Gillette, one of the most important brands in the male universe, takes the field against violence against women by having a spectacular football match broadcasted in prime time on Italia1: the team of the shaved bombers, led by Bobo Vieri, faces that of the kings with a manicured beard, led by Daniele De Rossi.
10:30-11:00 IF!HUB - IF!TALK

Celebrating the power of music. Short or long, just play it again.

Powered by Google

With Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music di Youtube e Google, and Francesca Mortari,  Director YouTube Southern Europe
Music is the connective force at the center of global culture and YouTube is music’s biggest stage.

We’re celebrating Italians doing what Italians do: sing! L

(in English)
11:00-11:30 IF!HUB - IF!TALK

A Disabilandia si tromba.

Moderated by Eugenia Nicolosi, activist and journalist, Repubblica and Gaypost

With Marina Cuollo, writer and content creator, Ella Marciello, creative director
Representation and narration of bodies, from sexuality to brand communication

#Inclusivity  #Purpose #Inspiration  #Advertising
11:00-11:30 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK


Moderated by Andrea Crocioni, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Touchpoint

With Riccardo Pirrone, Irresponsible for Communication and Digital Strategy, and Gianpietro Vigorelli, Creative Director, Co-Founder of agency DLV BBDO
Riccardo Pirrone has popularised the role of the Social Media Manager, making it a voice that is both interesting in itself and interested in the world and in contemporary society thanks to the concept of "purpose".

At Riccardo’s side will be Gianpietro Vigorelli, one of Italy’s/Italian culture’s best known and most respected admen. They will be discussing the role of the advertising creative within the social and cultural dimensions of our so-called ‘Bel paese’, comparing being a key opinion leader in the past and today. Moderated by journalist Andrea Crocioni.
11:30-12:00 IF!ARENA - IF!LECTURE

Diversity + Creative: From idea to legacy

With Pauline Miller, Chief Equity Officer EMEA, Dentsu
There is no question that greater diversity and inclusion enables us to deliver more creative and effective solutions to our clients. There is no question that diversity and inclusion is morally and socially the right thing to do. There is also no question that the creative industry has the power and ability to influence far and wide. Exploring real life examples, Pauline demonstrates how bringing together the power of diversity along with the power of the creative can influence societies for long term impact.


#Advertising #Marketing #Inclusivity #Inspiration
11:30-12:30 IF!HUB - IF!CHALLENGE

Basta pubblicità! – 4 regole per smettere di fare pubblicità.

Powered by TikTok

With Neil Boorman, Head of Creative Lab Europe, TikTok, and Cristino Battista, Creative Partnerships Manager, TikTok
Forget everything you know about advertising. It's time to TikTok.

Neil Boorman, Head of Creative Lab Europe, TikTok, will be with us to explain the four basic rules in how to best communicate on the leading entertainment platform for short videos. After that, we shall discuss with Cristino Battista, Creative Partnerships Manager, TikTok how creative agencies fare - will they be able to follow the rules to not advertise?

Three agencies, three clients, one challenge: create the best possible video for TikTok. The winner of the debate will be chosen by you!

#Advertising #Marketing #Entertainment #Social Media #Education #Learning
12:30-13:00 IF!HUB IF!TALK

From mime to meme

Powered by Different

Moderated by Simone Cristiani, Executive Creative Director, Different

With Gabriele Vagnato, comedian and creator, and Giacomo Poretti, comedian and writer
Comedians, jesters and clowns are the guardians of joy. With a gesture, a pause, a look they burst through the door that opens on to our need to be filled with joy. But times change and with them the keys to that door. From physical to virtual, from sketch to social meme: what fills an audience with joy? We find out with the unlikely pairing of Giacomo Poretti and Gabriele Vagnato, who will make us die laughing between the old and new schools of joyfulness.

#Social Media #Entertainment #Advertising
12:30-13:00 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK

Crash the algorithm

Powered by AWLab

With Antonio Marrari, Head of Marketing AWLab, and Adriana Ié, winner of AWLab is Me 2020
How crucial it is to hybridise, to deconstruct processes and to create new business models – moving at the speed of culture and being relevant to  the lives of gen-z.

#Inspiration #Advertising #Marketing #Entertainment  #Production #Events
13:00-13:30 IF!HUB

I brand nell’era Thunberg

Powered by Serviceplan

Moderated by Monica Lazzarotto, Co Founder and Director Youmark!

With Stefania Siani, CEO & CCO Serviceplan Italia, and Vittorio Bucci, CEO Mediaplus
"Hope doesn’t spring out of the blah blah blah of politicians. Hope is when people come together to make change." Greta Thunberg.

10 years after the memorable article by Porter and Kramer "Creating Shared Value", which appeared in the Harvard Business Review in 2011 and was a milestone in Purpose Driven Business, we present the research carried out by Serviceplan Group on how the sustainable transformation of companies today is perceived and relevant in the purchasing choices of the buying public. The panel will include a group of high school students, to whom we dedicate the commitment and exciting perspective of reconstructing a new pact between generations through communication.
13:30-14:00 IF!HUB - IF!LECTURE

Meraviglioso e sostenibile. Un must have per i brand della nuova era

Powered by MSL

With Marco Fornaro
Sustainability is the word that has grown the most in brand communication strategies, especially after 2020.

The world is asking brands for concrete commitments, but what right to tell?

Data and technology help us improve (and measure) our reputation.
13:30-14:00 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK

Idee meravigliose e come tutelarle

Powered by ADCI 

Moderated by Samanta Giuliani, ADCI

With Emanuele Viora, executive creative director ACNE, and Giovanni Maria Riccio, lawyer.
How to relate to images, memes, video clips and audio tracks in new social universes like TikTok and Instagram? How to protect yourself from plagiarism - and avoid doing it? Emanuele Viora - Executive Creative Director of ACNE Deloitte, will present a series of ideas to the lawyer Giovanni Maria Riccio, who will analyze them through constructive criticism to help us discover how concepts can pass unscathed from legal checks and what precautions can transform a project from impossible to feasible. The talk, moderated by Samantha Giuliani, member of the Board of ADCI Art Directors Club Italiano, is proposed as a practical reflection on the different facets that copyright can take today in advertising, on social media, and in branded content.
14:00-14:30 IF!HUB - IF!TALK

Traversing the gaming world, meeting streamers, playing games and falling in love with Twitch’s community: How Pringles broke rules in gaming and advertising.

Powered by TWITCH

With Nicoletta Besio, Sales Director, Twitch, Adam Harris, Global Head of Brand Partnership Studio, Twitch, Elena Mancini, Senior Brand Manager, Pringles

Adam Harris (Global Head of the Twitch Brand Partnership Studio) will talk on stage with Elena Mancini (Senior Brand Manager of Pringles Europe) telling with concrete cases the best practices to involve the gaming community and drive the results of a brand.



#Advertising #Social Media #Inspiration

CSR: Mission Impossible?

Moderated by Alessandra Lanza, IF! Organizing Committee

With Dino Lupelli, General Manager, Linecheck/MIH and Elisabetta Baronio, Sustainability & CSR Manager Timberland

How can brand interests and sustainability issues coexist?
14:30-15:00 IF!HUB - IF!INTERVIEW

Brave new worlds

With Nicola Guaglianone, screenwriter, Interviewed by  Davide Boscacci, IF! Organising Committee
Nicola Guaglianone, screenwriter of “Freaks Out”, “They called him Jeeg Robot”, among others, together with Gabriele Mainette is taking out cinema to previously unexplored territories. Brave, fantastic worlds populated by superheroes that are always very Italian.
14:30-15:00 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK


Moderated by Emanuele Nenna, Comitato Organizzatore IF!

With Francesco Carofiglio, architect and writer
Francesco Carofiglio talks with Emanuele Nenna, about imagination as a weapon for creating new realities. immaginazione come arma di creazione di nuove realtà. Better if they are wonderful.
15:00 - 15:30 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK


With Luca Sofri, journalist and director of the Post, e Francesco Costa, journalist and vice-president of the Post.
What’s new, and what’s old, in the ways in which journalism tells the world.

15:00-15:30 IF!HUB - IF!TALK

Da branded content a branded culture: storie che creano impatto

Powered by WAVEMAKER

With Antonio Severino, Wavemaker Content Director, and Marta Magni, Vice Italia Senior Strategist

Analysis, strategy, creativity, media, work with talent: Wavemaker and Vice talk about their experience in integrated communication projects that generate a positive impact.
15:30-16:00 IF!HUB - IF!TALK

Le parole per dirlo: come i nuovi linguaggi stanno disegnando il futuro

With Beatrice Cristalli, linguist, and Chadia Rodriguez, rapper
Society and words have enjoyed a stable and very long relationship. One contaminates the other and vice versa, welcoming novelty and linguistic transformation, neologisms that speak about us and show how the direction of the future can be discerned in our way of communicating. Music, teen slang and social language are the traces of change and rebirth, which feeds on creativity. It is not true that the contemporary is more complex, we just have new lenses that allow us to read the nuances. And as we have always been used to doing, to know them we must name them. Together with Beatrice Cristalli, academic researcher into youth language and trap, and writer for, and Chadia, we will attempt to retrace the innovations that in music and language are designing the future.

#Education #Learning #Inspiration

15:30-16:00 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK

Prendi l’arte e mettila in pubblicità

With Giuseppe Mastrometteo, artist and CCO Ogilvy, and Nicolas Ballario, journalist and curator of contemporary art
#Entertainment #Advertising #Design
16:00-17:00 IF!HUB - IF!CHALLENGE


Powered by CPA
Three directors in a fight to the last spot.

The audience decides the winner, with the fearsome clap-o-meter.

#Production #Advertising #Entertainment

16:30-17.30 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK

In a material world: verso un mondo della comunicazione sostenibile

Powered by Extra
#Sustainability #Marketing
17:00-17:30 IF!HUB - IF!TALK

rivoluzione NFT

With Federico Clapis, artist, and Marco Ferrarini, author and screenwriter.
Artist Federico Clapis takes us by the hand and into the lair of the Bianconiglio in the (almost) completely reproducible world of digital.

A conversation with writer Marco Ferrarini to discover the matrix, the certificates of authenticity, which have the power to make the art market finally sustainable and free from the outdated rationale that has propped it up until today.


#Entertainment #Inspiration #Learning #Marketing #Design

17:00-17:30 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK


With Mario Moroni, TV and radio host and digital entrepreneur, and Daniele Cassioli, water-skier and physiotherapist
Daniele and Mario will show the benefits in looking around you and listening. You don't need to be a Paralympic water skiing champion or an established podcaster to try it out - you can find out how to make a real impact with sensitivity to sound.

In this age of overexposure to images on tenuous social networks and low-value content, sound and voice have the power to make us imagine places, products and relationships.


#Media #Inclusivity #Inspiration
17:30-18:00 IF!HUB - IF!INTERVIEW

L’unica regola e’ che non ci sono regole”: la cultura di Netflix e la meraviglia della creativita’

Powered by Netflix

With Paolo Lorenzoni, Country Director of Marketing, Italy & Greece and Bruno Bertelli, CCO Publicis WW.
Netflix’s “culture deck” (129 slides online since 2009) has been called “perhaps the most important document ever to come out of Silicon Valley” and its values are the bases of everything Netflix has done over the next 12 years: including these first 5 of its history in Italy.

The value of diversity: a dialogue on how communication can support inclusion and representation

Powered by We Are Social  

with Alessandro Sciarpelletti, Executive Creative Director We Are Social, Francesca Feller, Head of Client Services We Are Social, and Antonio Dikele Distefano, writer, journalist and record artist.

How brands and people can contribute to change, enhancing diversity and promoting inclusion.

#Advertising #Marketing #Entertainment #Events 
18:00-19:00 IF!HUB - IF!LECTURE


With Mihnea Georghiu, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Italy & Le Pub Amsterdam
Nobody ever got everyone’s attention by saying something that everyone liked.


#Advertising #Marketing #Inspiration
19:45-20.45 IF!HUB - IF!CHALLENGE



Hosted by Marco Maccarini
Three creative directors compete in a live contest with illustrator and photoshop in creating an effective campaign based on a brief developed by the artistic direction of IF!. The format is created in situ and broadcasted in live streaming on a platform where the audience expresses their preferences and elects the winner via a digital app.

21:00-22:30 IF!WORKSHOP


Presented by ADCI - Art Directors Club Italiano

Powered by WPP
Inspired by and dedicated to Enzo Baldoni, freelance journalist and copywriter, Il Grande Venerdì di Enzo (Enzo's Big Friday) is the largest portfolio review in Italy. The 12th edition will be a guest at IF! 2021. One hundred interviews over 90 minutes during which aspiring copywriters, art directors, graphic designers, filmmakers and illustrators will face 40 successful creative directors from Italy and around the world.

(registration required)

Gala Dinner, at MUDEC

(by invitation only)
09:00-13:20 IF!ARENA


Presented by ADCI - Art Directors Club Italiano
All work included in the shortlist of the 2021 ADCI AWARDS can be viewed in this long virtual roundup. From print to TV, from design to activation, from cyber to direct, passing through all the other categories. As we await the results from the various juries, here is a full preview.
10:00 - 11.30 IF!WORKSHOP


Presented by UNA - Aziende della Comunicazione Unite
Back for the fourth consecutive year, the format that gives young creatives and communicators the chance to spend 15 minutes each with the CEO of an agency (media, advertising, PR, events) to ask advice of any kind, whether it be what path to take, what objectives to set themselves or simply how an agency works.


A virtual chat roulette in which experienced (and successful) people make themselves available to those who want to start a career in the world of communication or those who want to try a new work experience.

(registration required)
12:00-13:30 IF!WORKSHOP


Presented by UPA - Utenti Pubblicità Associati
In addition to UNA’s successful event at IF!, "The Wise CEO", in which young creatives and communicators had the chance to meet agency CEOs and talk with them for 15 minutes, since last year with the same mechanism young aspiring managers and young communicators who are planning a career in marketing, have the opportunity to meet the marketers of some of the major UPA member companies.

Fifteen unmissable minutes in chat roulette mode, providing a unique opportunity to understand how you get to do high-level marketing in a company. It will not be a job interview, but a one-to-one orientation meeting, in which experienced and successful professionals make themselves available to those who are approaching the world of work and/or intend to undertake new professional experiences: advice of all kinds, on the right path to take, on what objectives to set oneself and on what skills companies are looking for today. But it is also an opportunity for CMOs to have direct contact with those who will become the managers of the future. All through Google Meet in streaming mode, which we have all got used to using just recently.

(registration required)
13:30-14:00 IF!ARENA - IF!LECTURE

Back to the future: come il social commerce cinese cambierà il mondo

With Andrea Fenn, Co-CEO Adiacent China
China 2021: a futuristic world where 5G is everywhere, cash is obsolete, purchases are already all online, and during their lunch break people watch... teleshopping. Live from Shanghai and with a review of his 15 years working in China, Andrea Fenn takes us through the reality of Chinese social commerce to explore the most advanced and crazy digital market in the world and to imagine which of these innovations we will one day see in Italy.

#Social Media #Marketing

13:30-14:00 IF!HUB - IF!INTERVIEW

F&Bulous, your way

Powered by Youtube

With Derek Blasberg, Head of Fashion and Beauty, Youtube and Francesca Mortari, Director Youtube Southern Europe
From exclusive to inclusive, from aspirational to inspirational, from unplugged to committed to the people and society. How we see, through creators, content, adv and trends on YouTube, the changing of the Fashion & Beauty world seeking for authenticity.

14:00-14:30 IF!HUB - IF!TALK


With Cartoni Morti, digital content creator e Don Alemanno, cartoonist and content creator.
Animations and humorous comics in communication and brands. Why they work and why it’s stupid to underestimate them.

#Entertainment #Social Media #Advertising

New normal marketing is increasingly data driven: trends and emerging technology solutions.

Powered by Nielsen

Moderated by Andrea Cioffi, CEO and Partner Digital Dictionary, with Marika Barbanti, Client Director | Marketing Measurement | Nielsen Attribution
The way of the Media has undergone a great transformation in the last decade. 

Audiences are increasingly connected using multiple devices and digital platforms are now an integral part of our daily habits.

This epochal transformation has caused the shift and growth of marketing investments in digital media. 

The paradigm shift has increased the complexity that marketers face on a daily basis. In fact, the majority of Cmos agree that data play a fundamental role in this new scenario to understand the online behaviour of consumers and to be able to optimize the ROI of marketing activities. 

In this scenario, the Multi Touch Attribution platforms play a fundamental role in simplifying the complexity of the digital era and successfully addressing the 'new' marketing.
14:30-15:00 IF!HUB - IF!TALK

Adapt solutions to people, not people to solutions

Powered by Google

Con Lorenzo Caggioni, Strategic Cloud Engineer Google, e Davide Ferraro, Engagement Manager - Google
A wonderful world is an accessible world. We will show you how starting from the needs of a single individual it is possible to develop solutions with a global impact and how a “trivial” idea can evolve into something extraordinary.

14:30-15:30 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK

Ridisegnare il futuro attraverso le immagini

Powered by Perimetro

Moderated by Sebastiano Leddi, independent publisher
Increasingly, the image is becoming a language itself in every respect, a universal language spoken all over the world that enables dialogue by applying new communication systems that live in the present, but that look to the future. How can we actively participate in the construction of this story within our city and help rethink its future?
15:00-15:30 IF!HUB - IF!TALK


Moderated by Jack Blanga, ADCI Board, IF! Organising Committee.

With David Guerrero, Chairman and CCO, BBDO Guerrero, Philippines, and Diego Wallach, CCO, Publicis Mexico.
Europe, Central America and Asia: again, three continents linked up in a space-time chat. It will be morning for Diego Wallach, Cannes Grand Prix winner 2021, and late afternoon for David Guerrero, who gave his name to the award-winning Filipino agency in the world. Over coffee, juice and beer, we shall talk about today’s wonderful challenges, the campaigns that are marking our times and what they have currently brewing. Cheers.


15:00-16:30 IF!ARENA - IF!LECTURE

Il marito coi tacchi a spillo

With Stefano Ferri, journalist and communication consultant
A journey to the roots of crossdressing as a social but above all statistical phenomenon, the result of a fashion trend that is still ridden with taboos with regard to males: no one would ever think of defining a woman as a crossdresser for the sole fact that she wears jacket, trousers and moccasins. Vice versa, a man in a skirt and heels must face the judgment of a society unwilling to recognise his identity. Why are there men who wear clothes conventionally reserved for the fair sex? What moves them in their desire? All the answers in this talk are "filtered" by the personal experience of the speaker.

#Inclusivity #Inspiration
15:30-16:00 IF!HUB - IF!TALK

Che Cazzo Ridi?

With Sergio Spaccavento, Chief creative officer @ Conversion E3, author and mythomaniac, Federica Cacciola, actrice, author, and presenter, and Stefano Andreoli, television author and radio speaker
Cancel Culture and Politically Correct in Italy: experts from different sectors discuss the American trend that has revolutionised the way we express ourselves, with and without words. How has this phenomenon adapted to Italian culture? How do we imagine the future? Will we all be more "woke" or will we go back to "having a laugh"? On stage: Sergio Spaccavento, Chief Creative Officer @ Conversion E3, writer and mythomaniac, Federica Cacciola (XXX) and Stefano Andreoli, television writer and radio host


#Entertainment #Inclusivity #Purpose #Charity #Inspiration
15:30-16:00 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK

Esport sano in corpore sano

Moderated by Federico Ferrazza, Managing Director of Wired Italia

With Luca Pagano, CEO & Co-Founder QLASH, and Rudy Bandiera, populariser and creator
Luca Pagano, founder of one of the first Italian PRO teams of eSports, and Rudy Bandiera, creator, gamer and foreteller of technological trends, describe the evolution of competitive electronic games to date, analysing the dynamics that have made e-Sports a global phenomenon. Moderated by Federico Ferrazza.

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16:00-16:30 IF!HUB - IF!TALK

Verso il Metaverse e oltre

Powered by Meta (Facebook)

With Patricia Consonni, Creative Agency Partner Meta, and Laurent Solly, VP Southern-Europe Meta
An overview on the choice and faith of Meta in the metaverse and how an important strategic evolution has generated our new brand, addressing the theme of the metaverse and its implications for brands.

(in English)
16:00-16:30 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK

Un Europeo Meraviglioso

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With Alessandro Iraci e Alessandro Trolli, Gli Autogol, Alberto Bommartini, Head of Influencer Marketing, The Story Lab, Dentsu Italia, and Tommaso Fincati, Client Manager, The Story Lab, Dentsu Italia.
Two years in which football, sports, have changed. Their use, the involvement of the fans. Not the passion. A European championship that really lasted two years, during which the only thing that never changed was the desire for sport. There are a few things that connect like sport and music, few things connect people in the same way. Riding on highlights, accompanying the fans, creating trends.

By connecting people on topics they talk about on a daily basis, with wonderful strength. But the wonder is only true when you then win the European Championships. And it really happened.

Beyond the Voice

With Marco Salom, director, executive producer and composer, Alida Pantone, actress, film producer, film festival director, Francesco Altobelli, CEO Ondesonore Records, and Rosita Celentano, actress, presenter, and write
Clubhouse, the audio-only social network, is revolutionising the way we make new friends, networking, dating and also, in part, information.

It's wonderful to be with people with whom you've built a relationship only with your voice and have the feeling that you met them in normal real life. Or even that you’ve known them even longer.

Four virtual friends meet for the first time on the IF! stage to talk about the magical world of Clubhouse.


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16:30-17:30 IF!HUB - IF!CHALLENGE


Powered by Urban Vision. Comunico, Extra
Three creative agencies challenge each other by presenting in 10 minutes a campaign conceived - especially for the show - in collaboration with one of their clients. The presentation takes place on the IF! stage, before an audience of 300 people, and is broadcast in live streaming. ̀It is the audience who will choose the best campaign, which wins free media spaces made available by the sponsor.
17:00-17:30 IF!ARENA - IF!TALK

D.E.T.A. – European Department for the Protection of Androids presents “SIATE GENTILI CON GLI ASSISTENTI VOCALI

With Ermes Maiolica, President D.E.T.A. President D.E.T.A. (European Department for the Protection of Androids), Jacopo Masini, Spokesperson for the DustyEye group (Cronoviandanti), Andrea Rossetti, Lecturer at Bicocca University.
If we’re talking about good manners, human beings can still improve considerably in how we relate and interact with artificial intelligence. Every day we ask for help from voice assistants by barking orders: take me home, wake me up at 7.15, find me a restaurant, remind me of grandma's birthday otherwise she’ll be very offended

Dozens of microdialogues, without ever mentioning words such as "thank you" or "please" - a sensitive algorithm might come to resent it..Reasoning in terms of universal roboethics, we shall outline a wonderful possible future for humanity and artificial intelligence, where it is not only good manners that unite us, but a general feeling of kinship. Alternatively, we could abandon ourselves to one of those dystopian futures described by last century’s science fiction. For our part, we believe it is more profitable to share a desk with an android colleague than to be facing him in the opposite trench.

Digital Trasformation & Human evolution

With Simone Ranucci Brandimarte, President, Yolo Group and Italian Insurtech Association – IIA, Gerardo di Francesco, General Secretary IIA - Managing Partner Wide Group Spa, Nicola Antonelli, CMO Luisaviaroma, and Roberto Mainardi, Digital Customer Journey Director – Haier Europe.
How the world has changed with the acceleration of post-covid human and corporate digitalization, Simone Ranucci Brandimarte will analyze risks and especially opportunities with Gerardo di Francesco, Nicola Antonelli and Roberto Mainardi.
17:30-18.00 IF!HUB - IF!TALK

Nella mente del serial comedian

With Massimo Picozzi, writer e criminologist, and Maccio Capatonda, comic
Maccio Capatonda, comedian, is psychoanalysed by Massimo Picozzi to find out what are the most intimate, psychological and pathological motivations that led a human being to become a comedian.

21:00-23.00 IF!HUB - IF!ADCIAWARDS


Presented by ADCI - Art Directors Club Italiano

Hosted by Carlo Pastore

(attendance by invitation only)